Här kommer mitt bygge av en German Sd.kfz.186 Jagdtiger Item-00923
från Trumpeter vartefter jag bygger den.

Kommer nog att ta tid då det är en Skala 1/16 model.
Med andra or så blir den stor.
Samt kommer att hålla mig till eng då bygget ligger uppe i gruppen
"AMMO by mig" på Facebook
Så först lite information om själva byggsattsen.
Håll tillgodo
Mvh Peter

Then it was the day to finally open
this year's wedding present from my wife.
Got it already 28/7-2017
but wanted to wait until the knowledge was better.

It is a:

German Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger ITEM: 00923

Item No: 00923
Item Name: German Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger
Bar Code: 9580208009230
Scale: 1:16
Item Type: Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Letter: Length: 657.8mm Width: 235mm
Total Parts: 1500+
Metal Parts: n / a
Photo Etched Parts: 2 pcs
Total Sprues: 47 sprues, upper holes, lower holes, sprocket, idler and track links
Released Date: 2016-07

the inside
the inside

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Color guide
Color guide

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the inside
the inside

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The wheels.

Yes, as on all armored cars, there are many wheels
to be mounted and painted.
Here I have built them together and put on the base color.


The Engine

Basic paint and begin to build the engine.

When the engine was built it was time to choose the color.
The original color that was recommended is some greenish color
that I did not like so I choose to make my own.
First I took one a thin layer with Surface Primer
Black Primer (A.MIG.2005) at AMMO at Mig.
then it was the Vallejo model color Intermediate Blue (70,903).
Mixed 50/50 with Tamiya Thinner (X-20A)
For the Weathring, I used products from AMMO by Mig


The Gearbox


The Lower part

Founded with black primer (A.MIG-2005)
Then I painted a thin layer with (A.MIG-014)
so that black is visible through in several places.

For the steel, I used to use (A.MIG-151)
And then to get some wearnes and dust weathering
I used (A.MIG-3001) Black Pigment and
(A.MIG-3000) Pigment Fixer.


One of the partition wall.

The first partition wall was pretty good if I could say for myself.
Here I tried AMMO by mig's PLW product for the first time. It seems pretty good.
And that it is very easy to work with.


Then it's time for the cooling on my Jagdtiger.


Finished result on the cooling parts for my Jagdtiger.

Products I have used are
for the base black Primer (A.MIG-2005)
Then it was Rotbraun (A.MIG-014) as original color.
To all rubber hoses I used Olivgrun (A.MIG-002).
For the fan leaves I painted with Polished metal
(A.MIG-192) and weathering them with
black pigment (A.MIG-3001).



Some detail pictures!

One of two batteries
One of two batteries

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One of two batteries
One of two batteries

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Then it was time for the radio part itself.


Not so difficult to build.
But the harder to get all the decals in place.

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Charging unit!

Then it was time with a little bigger things to build.
Time for the charging unit.

Here I assemble the parts in  step 3 - 7 - 10
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